Mudgee Organic Wine & Produce

Organic produce has been farmed without the use of artificial chemicals & pesticides. To prevent weeds and various infestations, organic farmers utilise natural defences by structuring a biodiverse environment that tackles these issues naturally. For example - they can introduce certain crops that provide a habitat that is beneficial for insects that combat certain known pests and help with pollination, and they might have sheep grazing between vine rows to eat the weeds & grasses whilst providing free fertiliser. In this way the farm becomes a natural ecosystem in which the need for harmful toxins to keep the bugs at bay becomes unnecessary. Just the way nature intended.

So what are the benefits of drinking organic wine, and eating organic produce? For starters, using fewer chemicals is much better for the planet, and having a lower chemical count in things we put in our bodies is better for us. Organically farmed produce tends to have more antioxidants and fewer preservatives, which is much better for people in general, especially if you suffer with allergies. Organic Wine has less sulphur dioxide - a common preservative found in wine. It generally has half the amount compared to regular wine, and in some cases it has none at all. This preservative is the common culprit of those nasty hangovers that can sometimes follow an evening of wine drinking, so drink organic if you'd prefer to wake the next morning without an awful headache. What's more, the generally consensus is that organic tastes better!

Where in Mudgee can you buy organic?

Mudgee Organic Wineries

  • Botobolar - Organic from the start, they have been growing organic grapes and producing organic wine since 1971. Renowned for low preservative wines, they pioneered the first ever organic preservative free wine in 1984.
  • Lowe Wines - David Lowe is known for his innovative viticulture, and utilises biodynamic farming methods to produce beautiful organic grapes to create his award winning wine. The Lowe vineyard has been running organically since 2003. In 2018 Lowe Wines was awarded the best Organic/ Biodynamic/ Preservative free wine for their 2009 Block 5 Shiraz at the Mudgee Wine Show.
  • Thistle Hill - Thistle Hill wines have been local and national favourites for four decades. They have an unprecedented standard of organic wine making for the cost per bottle on offer. Some of the best value organic wine available anywhere.
  • Brombee Organic Wine - A gorgeous history filled winery utilising estate grown organic grapes to make their award winning wines. While you're at their cellar door you can sample their organic wine, olive oil, fruit (seasonal), & preserves. There's even a local blacksmith onsite who you might catch in action at the forge.
  • Martins Hill - A boutique organic farm with its own lady beetle hotel. It's all about biodynamic farming, the lady beetles help keep things organic by eating up to 600 mites or aphids a week! You need to pop in to taste their wine, and see their fantastic farm.
  • Vinifera - A well-known organic winemaker in Mudgee, famed for their award winning Spanish red varietals and more. Awarded best small cellar of 2017 by gourmet travel wine, pop into their cellar door for a taste, and have a look out into the vineyards where you can often see the sheep grazing to keep the grasses and weeds at bay in-between vine rows, whilst providing their natural fertiliser as they go.

Mudgee Organic Food:

  • Zin House - Situated on a large expanse of certified organic/biodynamic farmland and vineyards in the Mudgee wine region, the kitchen utilises fresh, home grown organic produce straight from their own garden on the ever changing menu. It really is farm to plate. They organically farm such a wide array of annual and seasonal produce including honey, grapes & veg, beef, lamb and farm fresh eggs. Sustainable, organic, local & fresh, and most of all - absolutely delicious.
  • Corroboree Garlic - Stick to one thing and do it well! Corroboree Organic garlic does that, natural great tasting organic garlic.
  • Vrises Valley Organic Farm - You can find their produce every 3rd Saturday of the month at Mudgee Farmers Market. They grow a staggering array of rare vegetables and herbs.
  • Crave Natural - A vibrant local grocer making available organic locally grown vegetables and preserves. Artisan makers of traditional raw fermented foods, delicious and nutritious, right in the heart of Mudgee.